Your Kid's First Lacrosse Stick A Buying Guide For Parents

Your Kid’s First Lacrosse Stick: A Buying Guide For Parents




When your child shows interest in a new sport like lacrosse, it’s a thrilling time filled with anticipation. It’s not only about them stepping into a field that promises camaraderie, skill-building, and joy, but also about you as a parent supporting and facilitating this exciting journey. Of course, there are things to learn and preparations to be made, chief among them being purchasing the right gear for your child, including the lacrosse stick.


For lacrosse, the most critical piece of equipment, the one that becomes an extension of the player’s arm, is the lacrosse stick. It is a tool that not only impacts how your child plays the game but also their love for the sport. But how do you know which lacrosse stick is the right one for your child? With so many choices in terms of length, width, material, and brand, this task can feel daunting.


Understanding that this process can be overwhelming, we’ve designed this comprehensive guide to ease your concerns and empower you with valuable insights. We aim to walk you through the key considerations for selecting the best lacrosse stick for your child, taking into account their age, size, skill level, and position.


As parents, we all wish to make decisions that set our children up for success. When it comes to their sporting ambitions, the right equipment can make a significant difference in their performance and overall experience. Let’s dive into the essentials of choosing your kid’s first lacrosse stick – a decision that marks a significant milestone in their lacrosse journey.


Every parent wants their child to succeed, especially when it comes to their hobbies and interests. If your child is showing interest in lacrosse, getting the right equipment is a key step towards fostering their enthusiasm and helping them excel in the sport. Among the necessary gears, the lacrosse stick stands as arguably the most crucial. Selecting your kid’s first lacrosse stick can feel overwhelming, given the variety available in terms of size, type, and price. But don’t fret. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify your task, taking you through the ins and outs of choosing the perfect lacrosse stick for your budding athlete.



Decoding the Lacrosse Stick


To pick the best lacrosse stick for your child, understanding the basic components is crucial. A lacrosse stick consists of two main parts: the head and the shaft. The head is where the ball is caught, carried, and released, while the shaft is the long pole attached to it. When buying a stick, you can either buy these parts separately or as a complete stick.


  1. Stick Heads:


  • There are three types of stick heads: attack/midfield, defense, and goalie. For young players, an attack/midfield head is ideal as it’s designed for better ball control and quick passes.
  • Look for a head with a wide face as it makes catching the ball easier for beginners.


  1. Stick Shafts:
  • Shafts can be made of different materials like aluminum, titanium, scandium, or composite. For beginners, aluminum shafts are usually the most affordable and lightweight, making them a great choice.



Picking the Right Size:


The length of the lacrosse stick depends on your child’s age, height, and position they’re playing. For beginners, it’s usually recommended to stick to a shorter shaft as it’s easier for them to handle.


  • 6U & 8U: 37-42″ total stick length
  • 10U: 37-42″ (short crosse) and up to 52″ (long crosse)
  • 12U: 40-42″ (short crosse) and 52-72″ (long crosse)
  • 14U: 40-42″ (short crosse) and 52-72″ (long crosse)





Like any sports equipment, lacrosse sticks can range widely in price. Set a realistic budget that doesn’t compromise on quality. Remember, investing in a good quality stick now can save you money in the long run as it will likely last longer.


At this time, lacrosse sticks can range from $30.00 – $120.00 USD.



Try Before You Buy:


Whenever possible, let your child try out the lacrosse stick before purchasing. They should be able to comfortably grip the shaft and the stick should be an appropriate weight for them. They also need to be able to maneuver the stick easily for the best performance on the field.



Final Thoughts


Choosing your child’s first lacrosse stick is an exciting milestone in their lacrosse journey. It’s essential to make an informed decision and remember that the perfect stick isn’t about the brand or the price tag, but about comfort, ease of use, and suitability for your child’s needs and skills.


As your child grows and develops their lacrosse skills, their stick requirements may change. However, this initial purchase can set the stage for their love of the game. By choosing a stick that complements their level, you’re ensuring a positive and enjoyable introduction to lacrosse. This, in turn, can foster their interest and dedication to this exciting sport, opening up a world of opportunities for growth, learning, and fun. After all, isn’t that what youth sports should be all about?


With the right guidance and a supportive environment, your young lacrosse player will be on their way to scoring goals and creating memorable sports experiences, one lacrosse stick swing at a time.


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