Lacrosse Stick Skills

Mastering Lacrosse Stick Skills: Advanced Techniques For Lacrosse Players

Introduction: Lacrosse Stick Skills

In the high-paced game of lacrosse, having superior lacrosse stick skills can set a player apart from their competition. Mastering these skills is not just about handling the stick; it’s about turning it into an extension of your body, capable of executing complex maneuvers with precision and finesse. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into advanced techniques that are crucial for any player looking to elevate their game. From cradling to shooting, each aspect of lacrosse stick skills will be explored to give players the edge they need on the field.


Cradling: Beyond the Basics

Cradling is the fundamental lacrosse stick skill that maintains possession while on the move. Advanced cradling involves not just securing the ball but doing so while changing speed and direction swiftly. Players should practice cradling with both hands, switching hands smoothly while in motion. This skill is vital for dodging opponents and protecting the ball in high-pressure situations. Incorporate agility drills with cradling to mimic game scenarios, enhancing your ability to maintain possession under duress.


Passing: Precision and Power

Passing is a lacrosse stick skill that requires both precision and power. Advanced passing techniques focus on accuracy at high speeds and over long distances. Work on quick-release passes that surprise opponents and open up the field for your teammates. Additionally, behind-the-back passes can be a useful tool in your arsenal, offering an element of unpredictability and flair. Practice different passing styles and angles to become a versatile player who can distribute the ball effectively in any situation.



Shooting: Accuracy Meets Velocity

When it comes to shooting, the combination of accuracy and velocity is paramount in lacrosse stick skills. Develop a range of shots, including overhand, sidearm, and underhand, to keep goalies guessing. Focus on placing your shots with precision, aiming for corners and weak spots in the goalie’s defense. Incorporate strength training, particularly in your core and upper body, to increase shot power. Drills that mimic game-like shooting scenarios will help refine your technique and improve your scoring chances.



Dodging: Evasive Maneuvers

Dodging is an essential lacrosse stick skill for offensive players. It involves quick, deceptive movements that allow you to evade defenders. Practice dodges like the split dodge, roll dodge, and face dodge, ensuring you can protect the ball while changing direction swiftly. Agility drills, combined with stick handling exercises, will enhance your dodging abilities, making you a more dynamic threat on the field.



Ground Balls: Winning Possession

Securing ground balls is a crucial lacrosse stick skill that can turn the tide of a game. Focus on approaching the ball at the right angle and speed, using your body to shield opponents. Practice scooping through the ball with a swift, fluid motion, keeping your stick parallel to the ground. Winning ground balls often comes down to determination and technique, so incorporate drills that simulate contested situations.



Checking: Defensive Precision

For defensive players, checking is a vital lacrosse stick skill. Developing a range of checks, such as poke checks, slap checks, and lift checks, can disrupt your opponent’s possession and create turnovers. Remember, effective checking is about timing and precision, not just strength. Practice your checks to be controlled and targeted, focusing on disrupting the ball carrier without overcommitting.



Stick Protection: Keeping Possession

Protecting your stick is crucial in maintaining possession. This skill involves using your body and stick position to shield the ball from defenders. Practice stick protection by maneuvering in tight spaces and around obstacles, keeping the ball secure. This skill is essential for midfielders and attackers who often face pressure from multiple defenders.




Mastering advanced lacrosse stick skills requires dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of the game. By focusing on these key areas, players can develop the expertise needed to excel in lacrosse. Remember, the best players continuously refine their skills, always looking for ways to improve and adapt. Incorporate these advanced techniques into your training regimen, and watch as your lacrosse stick skills transform your performance on the field. With dedication and hard work, you can become a player who not only competes but dominates with the stick in hand.


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