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What Is The Lacrosse Give And Go Strategy


In the fast-paced world of lacrosse, mastering various strategies can significantly enhance a team’s effectiveness on the field. One such tactic, the give and go, is a fundamental yet powerful play that, when executed correctly, can outmaneuver even the most disciplined defenses. This blog post delves into the intricacies of the give and go strategy in lacrosse, offering insights on how it works, why it’s effective, and tips for perfecting this maneuver to elevate your team’s performance.



The Basics of the Give And Go Strategy

The give and go is a simple yet dynamic strategy that involves two players working in tandem to create a scoring opportunity. The play begins with one player (Player A) having the ball and passing it to a teammate (Player B).


Immediately after passing, Player A accelerates past their defender towards the goal, expecting a quick return pass from Player B. This swift exchange, if timed well, can catch the defense off guard, creating a clear path for Player A to receive the ball in stride and make a play on the goal.


This strategy hinges on speed, timing, and chemistry between teammates. When executed with precision, the give and go can break through defensive setups, exploiting momentary lapses in concentration or positioning by the opposing team. It’s a testament to the power of teamwork and understanding in lacrosse, emphasizing that sometimes the simplest plays can be the most effective.


Executing the Perfect Give And Go

For a give and go to be successful, several elements must align. First, the initial pass must be accurate and well-timed. Player A needs to ensure that the pass to Player B is not too forceful or too soft, allowing Player B to receive it comfortably and make the immediate return pass. The positioning of Player B is also crucial; they must be in a spot that allows them to receive and return the pass while keeping an eye on Player A’s movement.


After passing, Player A’s off-ball movement is key. They must sprint directly toward an open space or the goal, ideally in a way that outpaces or confuses their defender. Player A’s ability to read the defense and choose the right moment to initiate the give and go is vital for the play’s success. This requires not only physical speed but also mental agility and game awareness.



Incorporating Give And Go Drills in Practice

To master the give and go, incorporating specific drills into your practice routine is essential. These drills should focus on the timing of passes and cuts, ensuring that players can execute this play instinctively during games. One effective drill involves setting up a mini-game scenario where players can only score through give and go plays, encouraging them to constantly look for and execute this strategy under game-like conditions.


Additionally, practicing give and go drills in various field positions can help players adapt this strategy to different game situations. Whether it’s near the goal, on the wings, or at the top of the offensive zone, understanding how to effectively implement the give and go in diverse contexts can significantly enhance a team’s offensive playbook.



The Importance of Communication in the Give And Go

Effective communication is crucial for the success of a give and go play. Players need to be in sync, understanding each other’s intentions and movements. Verbal cues, eye contact, and even body language can play significant roles in ensuring that the passer and the cutter are coordinated. This level of teamwork and understanding often comes with time and practice, highlighting the importance of building strong on-field relationships between teammates.



Adapting the Give And Go to Different Playing Styles

While the give and go is a universal strategy, it can be adapted to suit different playing styles and personnel. For example, a team with fast, agile players might execute this play with quick, short passes and rapid movements. In contrast, a team with players who have strong stick skills might focus on precision passing and timing to outsmart the defense.


Understanding your team’s strengths and how to best leverage the give and go to complement these strengths is a critical aspect of strategic planning in lacrosse. Coaches and players should work together to tailor this play to their team’s unique attributes, making it a potent weapon in their offensive arsenal.



Conclusion: Give And Go

The give and go is more than just a basic lacrosse strategy; it’s a testament to the power of teamwork, communication, and strategic execution. When done correctly, it can create significant scoring opportunities and disrupt even the most organized defenses. By understanding the fundamentals of the give and go, practicing it diligently, and adapting it to fit your team’s style, you can harness this classic strategy to enhance your team’s performance and success on the lacrosse field.


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