Helping Your Teen Excel in Lacrosse Tips for Parents

4 Tips For Helping Your Teen Excel in Lacrosse: Tips for Parents





Supporting your child’s interests can be a rewarding yet challenging task, especially when it comes to competitive sports like lacrosse. As parents, it’s natural to want to do everything possible to help your teen excel in lacrosse. Understanding the sport, the necessary skills, and ways to cultivate a healthy sporting mentality can go a long way in assisting your teenager’s lacrosse journey. This guide aims to provide tips and advice on how you can be your teen’s best support system in their lacrosse endeavors.



The Role of Parents in Helping Teens Excel in Lacrosse


Parents play a significant role in their teenager’s sports journey. By providing both emotional and logistical support, parents can ensure that their teen has all they need to excel in lacrosse.


  • Be their cheerleader: Support your teen during both wins and losses.
  • Prioritize their safety: Ensure they have the right gear and are using it correctly.
  • Facilitate training: Help them attend practices, games, and extra training sessions.



Understanding the Game to Help Your Teen Excel in Lacrosse


Lacrosse is a fast-paced game that requires physical agility, strategic thinking, and excellent teamwork. To help your teen excel in lacrosse, gaining a fundamental understanding of the game yourself is essential.


  • Get familiar with the rules: Learn about the positions, field layout, game procedures, and scoring.
  • Understand the necessary skills: Passing, catching, cradling, shooting, and defense are crucial.
  • Learn about strategy: Understanding offensive and defensive strategies can help you follow your teen’s games better and provide constructive feedback.



Cultivating the Right Mindset


In any sport, attitude is as crucial as physical prowess. Here’s how you can help instill a positive mindset in your teen.


  • Encourage perseverance: Remind your teen that skills improve with practice and persistence.
  • Promote sportsmanship: Winning is fun, but respect for teammates, opponents, and coaches is more important.
  • Manage expectations: Remind them that everyone has off days, and it’s about continuous improvement, not perfection.



Encouraging Physical Fitness and Healthy Living


The right lifestyle choices significantly influence how well your teen can excel in lacrosse.


  • Emphasize nutrition: A balanced diet fuels their body for optimal performance.
  • Promote adequate rest: Ensure they get enough sleep and downtime for recovery and growth.
  • Support cross-training: Engaging in varied physical activities can enhance overall athleticism and reduce injury risk.



Seeking Additional Resources to Help Your Teen Excel in Lacrosse


While your support is valuable, leveraging external resources can further your teen’s lacrosse skills.


  • Consider private coaching: A personal lacrosse coach can provide tailored training and advice.
  • Encourage participation in lacrosse camps: These offer intensive training and the opportunity to learn from experienced players.
  • Connect with the lacrosse community: Local lacrosse clubs and online forums can provide advice, encouragement, and shared experiences.





As a parent, you play a critical role in the sporting life of your teen. Your influence, encouragement, and support are the bedrock on which your child’s success is built. Helping your teen excel in lacrosse is not only about fostering athletic prowess but also about nurturing emotional resilience, instilling life values, and encouraging personal development. The sport offers an excellent platform for teaching teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and respect for others.


Understanding the game is crucial to guiding your child through the complexities of the sport, but it goes beyond simply knowing the rules or strategies. It’s about grasively a culture of persistence, respect, and fair play that is fundamental to lacrosse. Your comprehension of the game will enable you to provide insightful feedback and engage in meaningful discussions with your teen about their lacrosse journey.


Moreover, promoting healthy lifestyle choices is not just beneficial for their performance on the lacrosse field but also contributes to their overall wellbeing. Emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet, adequate rest, and varied physical activity will equip your teen with habits that serve them well beyond their sporting endeavors.


Utilizing additional resources like private coaching, lacrosse camps, and community forums is another excellent way to support your child’s sports journey. These opportunities offer expert guidance, intensive training, and a supportive community, enriching your child’s lacrosse experience and helping them thrive in the sport.


In conclusion, your role in helping your teen excel in lacrosse goes beyond the physical aspects of the game. It is a holistic journey that involves supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing, instilling crucial life values, and nurturing their passion for the sport. The most significant victories you’ll celebrate won’t always be on the field. Sometimes, they will be the life lessons learned, the friendships formed, and the growth experienced.


And remember, while lacrosse is a competitive sport, it’s important to enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination. The joy, after all, is found not just in winning, but in the love of the game itself, and that’s the most important thing you can help your teen understand as they navigate their lacrosse journey.


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