Private Lacrosse Training

STXZ offers elite level lacrosse training. We make finding a lacrosse trainer quick and simple!


  • Train at your preferred location: Your backyard or a local field.
  • Tailored lesson plans designed just for you.
  • We work with all ages.
  • Opt for individual 1-on-1 sessions or dynamic group training.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

STXZ wants to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided by our lacrosse trainers. This is why STXZ provides a full refund on your whole package if you’re not satisfied after your first training session. We also do not have a commitment contract here, feel free to take as many or as little sessions as you wish!

1 Trial Session

Limited time only


30-Min Lesson

1-on-1 Or Group

Lacrosse skills development

Skills Development​​​

At Stxz, we believe what makes a great lacrosse player great, is perfecting the basic fundamentals. Cradling, passing, catching, shooting, ground ball scooping, and on-field awareness.​

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Strength & Conditioning​

Our Lacrosse Trainer's can go beyond basic training and also can include a work-out plan for our students. Including mobility, strength, speed, and other performance related exercises.​

Lacrosse Training Program

Confidence & Mindset​

Without a winner's mindset, you cannot achieve greatness as a Lacrosse player. Our Trainer's will instill the confidence and on-field awareness that the student will need to be successful on and off the field.


First complete and submit a registration form on our website.

Assign Trainer

Next, we will match you with one of our trainers and have them reach out to you.

Schedule Your Lessons

Lastly, you and your trainer can discuss a schedule and a start date for your first lacrosse lesson!

Choosing The Right Lacrosse Camp For Your Child

Why Choose STXZ?

Here at STXZ, we offer a unique approach to lacrosse training that is tailored to each player. We make it easy for our customers to book lessons on our website, and match you with a certified and fully screened lacrosse Trainer. We strive for our player's to build strong character development, a confidence mindset, and improving the players in a variety of different lacrosse skills right in your own backyard or nearby field.

What Skills We Teach

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a $20 registration fee per player that we include in your invoice after you successfully match with a trainer.

Yes we do! Please reach out to us if you wish to proceed with a payment plan.

We may have a Trainer available in your area that may have access to an indoor location for lacrosse lessons. We must receive your registration first in order to check this availability.

Please call or email us to find out more information about our lacrosse trainers in your area! We serve most major cities across the US.

STXZ hand picks the Trainer for you based on the information you provided to us in your registration. If the Trainer is not a good fit for you, you may request for a different Trainer in your area.

We do not have locations, our trainers travel to your home or any field near you.

We do not accept cash. STXZ will send you an invoice once you and your Trainer have confirmed a start date for lessons. We accept all major debit/credit cards.

Yes, if more than 1 player is taking lessons, there are additional fees, please see them below:

2 Players ( + $5 per lesson)

3 Players ( + $10 per lesson)

4 Players ( + $15 per lesson)

Lesson packages are to be paid in full before the start of lessons. We will send over an invoice to your email address once you are matched with your Trainer.

Once you complete your lesson package, you have the option to upgrade to any larger lesson package that we offer. You will have to contact our office and let us know that you would like to upgrade. OR you can fill out and submit this form (HERE) . We will then send you a new invoice with the lesson package you wish to upgrade to. There is a $5.00 fee associated with upgrading your lesson package.

Yes, we are always hiring new lacrosse trainers to work with our clients across the US.

Before your first lacrosse lesson with STXZ, ensure you have all the essential equipment, including a lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, and suitable athletic wear. We recommend arriving a little early to familiarize yourself with the training environment, be it your backyard or a nearby field. It’s also beneficial to hydrate beforehand and have a clear understanding of your personal goals for the lesson. Your STXZ trainer will guide you through the session, but coming prepared both physically and mentally will help maximize the value of your training.

Our STXZ Trainers come equipped with essential training tools tailored for effective lacrosse instruction. This typically includes cones, ladders, training balls, and sometimes even specialized equipment to focus on specific skills. However, players are expected to have their personal gear such as a lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, and other protective equipment. The aim is for our trainers to supplement the player’s equipment with additional tools that enhance the overall learning and training experience.

All of our STXZ Lacrosse Trainers possess a range of mid to high-level coaching licenses and certifications specific to the sport of lacrosse. These certifications ensure that our trainers are well-versed in modern coaching techniques, safety protocols, and the latest developments in the sport. Additionally, we require our Trainers to have a minimum of 2+ years of experience coaching all age groups. Our rigorous screening process and background checks further ensure that you’re receiving instruction from top-tier, qualified professionals in the field of lacrosse.

At STXZ, we aim for a seamless and satisfactory training experience for every client. If for any reason you feel that your Trainer isn’t the right fit, please let us know. We offer the flexibility to switch your Trainer at any time. After receiving your feedback, we will work promptly to match you with another qualified Trainer who better aligns with your needs and preferences. Remember, our primary goal is to ensure you have a positive learning experience tailored to your individual requirements.

The STXZ Lacrosse training program is dedicated to enhancing a player’s technical skills and on-field awareness. Our focus is on refining foundational skills such as cradling, passing, catching, shooting, and ground ball scooping. One of our unique features is our mobile service; we dispatch our Trainers to your chosen location, whether it’s your backyard or a nearby field. Our private lacrosse trainers, backed by a minimum of 2+ years of coaching experience and a plethora of coaching certifications, design a personalized lesson plan centered on the player’s goals.


We offer both 1 on 1 training and semi-private group training sessions, accommodating up to 3 players. This tailored approach guarantees players receive undivided attention and support, promoting a more efficient learning experience compared to larger group sessions or clinics.

Our Clients Say

Stxz lacrosse has been a blessing. I'm very happy with the accommodations that were made so my son can get the support he needed.
Hilary L.
My daughter wasn't getting the playing time she deserved, we tried Stxz to improve my daughters skills. She has improved so much and now gets more playing time on the field and enjoys the sport much more!
Chelsea, H
We couldn't be happy enough with the progress my boys have made in only 3 weeks. The fact that they are mobile and flexible was great for our schedule.
Quintin A.
We love STXZ! I decided to start with the 6 lesson package first and my son has become a better player in these 6 lessons already, we are planning on purchasing more and continuing to work with our amazing trainer.
Mark B.